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Our Mission & Goals

We are an organization led by Glenbard West students, staff and parents. Our mission is to allow students and parents to be involved in social and safe extracurricular activities. With events ranging from the Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) to the Circle Drive Dance and a Post Prom Party, there is something for everyone. We invite all parents and students to be a part of West Nation!

West Nation Board

Co-President: Julie Sladewski

Co-President: Anne Weber

Treasurer: Sally MacDonald

Secretary: Shannon Ward

Social Media: Amy Kadlec

Post Prom: Julie Humble

Community Projects Coordinator: Gilda Ross

School Liaison: Peter Baker, Assistant Principal

Board Members: Katie Bare, Megan Lowrie, Amy Cooney, Ellen Brannegan, Leah Harding, Katy Johnson and Theresa Williams

ACTS Co-Chairs: Liza Sury and Emily Lobdell

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